Music24 aims to offer those who are most socially isolated and vulnerable in our society the opportunity to engage in their local community in a creative and non-judgmental environment. They feel accepted and a part of a thriving creative community that lends support to working out shared solutions to reduce their sense of loneliness and isolation. 

Co-founders, Graeme Davis and Teela Hughes, established Music24 in April 2014. Initially Music24 offered new and innovative pilot projects that focused on adults with learning disabilities and young onset dementia. This was seed-funded by Luton Borough Council (LBC). The initial work has led to Music24 developing a ‘community music therapy’ formula that is so popular in their sessions today and something they continue to nurture as time moves on and as they adapt it to working with new groups.

The seed of Music24 was planted when establishing local creative community music group, First Note, in partnership with LBC (with New Horizon’s Tom Laurence & Chris Brandom and volunteer support). This group has been running strong since January 2011 and adopts a co-production structure, a model Graeme and Teela have always championed.

Music24 now aim to provide new groups with a similar supported co-production structure, putting the participants firmly in the driving seat. We want to inspire and empower people to take charge of their own well-being, thus improving resilience amongst our community. 

In September 2016, Hertfordshire County Council seed-funded Music24 to set up 3 new music groups for people diagnosed with Dementia and their carers. Music24 now wish to develop their services further, giving good coverage to both counties. Music24's team has grown from just Graeme and Teela providing small groups and short-term projects to building a team consisting of 3 music therapists, 4 community musicians and a team of 16 volunteers to support our work. Music24 is also registering to be a charity and have 3 trustees. 



Graeme Davis

Lead Music Therapist

Teela Hughes


Alex Paul

Music Therapist

Adam photo website.jpg

Adam Qureshi

Community Musician


Ashley Knight

Community Musician

Dawn photo website 2.jpg

Dawn Knight

Session Support Worker

Tasha photo wesbite.jpg

Tasha Rowe

Community Musican

Michael Photo website.jpg

Michael Gilmartin

Community Musician


behind the scenes

Our Volunteers & Supporters

A huge thank you also goes to Christine Clavey, Olivia Harris, Tom Johnson, Jeff Solomons, Dr. Julia Renton and Brian Baxter for their ongoing support.