our leaflets

Here we have leaflets for all the services we run. Click on the buttons below to view, print or download information about the different groups we provide or support across Luton, Beds and Herts. Also, if you are representing an organisation or local community group and require hard copies of our leaflets then please feel free to contact us and we shall send or deliver some to you.

Bedfordshire Services

Dementia services In Luton

Music24 provides a weekly community music groups and one-to-one, in-home music therapy sessions across various locations in Luton. Contact us to find out more.

Mental Health Support groups

Music24 provides weekly groups in Luton for adults with a mental health illness.

Learning Disability in luton

Music24 supports First Note, an all-ability creative community music group in Luton. The group has been independently running since 2010.

Neurotones choir, Leighton Buzzard

The Neurotones Choir supports adults with communication difficulties, such as those recovering from a or living with Parkinson’s Disease.


Musical Herts is a project in Hertfordshire for people living with dementia and their carers. Contact us if you need further information, would like to make a referral or you require one-to-one sessions.

musical herts Welwyn GC

Musical Herts in Welwyn GC has been running since March 2018 and meets twice a month.

Musical Herts watford

Musical Herts in Watford has been running since September 2016 and meets twice a month.

Musical herts hoddesdon

Musical Herts Hoddesdon has been running since September 2016 and meets weekly.

Musical Herts stevenage

Musical Herts Stevenage has been running since September 2016 and meets twice a month.

music in dementia information booklet

We’re pleased to present this information booklet, Music in Dementia. This 12-page document features information gathered by our team of Music Therapists and Community Musicians. It highlights the many ways that people with dementia can engage in music, paying particular attention to ‘Active Listening’, the benefits of Music Therapy and ‘Music for the Tech Gen’ - accessing music online. The production of this guide has been funded by Hertfordshire County Council’s Community Fund, in partnership with Connect Hertfordshire, via Hertfordshire Community Foundation.