As Teela put it, sometimes its not what you know, its who you know, and on the evening of 29th November that was proved brilliantly. Music24 were lucky enough to have a fundraising event held in their honour by Dunstable Rock Choir, that Millie sings with. The Rock Choir put on a show at the end of every term and choose a local charity to support so Millie suggested to her choir leader, the wonderful Pippa Gearing, that they pick Music24 for this show. Having worked with Music24 for 6 months now, Millie has first hand experience of how incredible the work they do is and how much life changing support they give to their clients, so it was an easy decision to make to nominate them to fundraise for.

Choir members brought with them their families and friends to watch the show and support the charity and there was an enormous raffle which people donated extremely generously to. Many, many tickets were sold and then the choir kicked off the show in true Rock Choir style with an upbeat classic Queen song. We went on to hear songs by Billy Joel and The Beatles, plus the more recent tracks of Beyonce and Jess Glynn, and many more. Teela did an excellent, heart warming talk about Music24 and what they provide for the community which moved the audience so much that we had another rush to the donations tin and raffle stand. 

The atmosphere during the whole performance was uplifting but to make sure the show ended on an absolute high, Pippa had the choir go into the audience and encourage people to get up and dance and the night ended with the whole room dancing and - most importantly - happy and smiling and having a great time!

So with the help and support of the excellent Dunstable Rock Choir and their fantastically generousfamily and friends (and a not so subtle Choir Leader trying to get more money out of the audience - a massive thank you Pippa!!!), a brilliant £570 was raised!! Awesome!!

From the Music24 team - Thank you Pippa Gearing, Dunstable Rock Choir and all their wonderful families and friends.