Ok, so it's safe to say we'd do almost anything for Music24... including jumping out of a perfectly functioning plane! Hmmm! Well what can we say; Teela, Graeme and Millie completed their Skydiving Challenge (from 13,000ft) on Friday 29th July and a truly amazing experience was had by all! After soaring with the birds they are now recovering from achy bones, a few minor bruises and.. well, pure amazement and wonder at how breathtaking the Skydive was! When's the next one!? 

We'd like to thank all the wonderful and generous people that have supported us in raising over£1,058 (with further donations still being collected). Your faith and kindness means the world to us and we are extremely grateful for all of the support we have received from both old and new friends of Music24! 

Here are some pictures from the day. Firstly we have Graeme with the blue and white parachute, Millie with the solid navy blue parachute and finally Teela with the orange and blue parachute. 

We'd also like to thank the team at Hinton Skydive Centre who took care of us on the day. Their professionalism is second to none and they have a wonderful team to be really proud of. 

If you haven't donated yet then don't worry, there's still time. Follow the link: Music24's Big Jump