It's true, Music24 is leaving our beloved home of 3 years (7 years for First Note!) due to renovations works being carried out from April 2018, resulting in the building being closed for 12 months. This decision by Luton Culture may put some out of a home, however we have been lucky enough to be offered a new home at the Luton Wellbeing Centre, run by Mind BLMK. This is therefore a hugely exciting time for us, with talks and discussions about some partnership working and us bringing lots of Music into the otherwise quiet building, based in Dumfries Street, Luton. 

So do not fear, we are more than happy to be flexible in what we do, having learnt a lot over the last year through our continuously, fast-growing service and setting up new groups. We are able to POP UP almost anywhere to run a session now. 

Please be mindful, some of our sessions (Mind Our Music & The Columbus Project) are going to be staying at The Hat Factory until the new year, so if in doubt, please contact us and we will let you know where the group you wish to attend is taking place. More importantly, our flagship Dementia group in Luton, called Minds In Motion, now takes place at the Luton Wellbeing Centre on a Thursday morning. We are making every effort to ensure our service users are able to find their way to the new venue and we are happy to offer travel-training or implement a buddy service if required. 

New location: Music24 Ltd. Luton Wellbeing Centre, 46 - 56 Dumfries Street, Luton, LU1 5BP