Music24 strives to offer music-making opportunities to a wide spectrum of people in our community, however our groups are not open to the general public. People can access these services by referral only, so please contact us to find out more. A variety of leaflets with more information about our groups can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here


Summer Picnic 2017

Summer Picnic 2017

Christmas Party 2017

Christmas Party 2017

Minds in Motion, Luton

Our Dementia Support Service, Minds in Motion, was established in May 2014. It was initially set up to offer a dynamic creative outlet to adults with Young Onset Dementia, thereby supplementing Luton’s younger persons dementia services. Luton Borough Council seed-funded Music24 for 6 months in order to set this group up in 2014 and it has grown from strength to strength ever since.

In the group we focus on singing songs and dancing, reminiscence and reflection, improvising (or jamming as we call it) using a variety of instruments both percussive and melodic, writing songs and, of course, having fun!

Minds in Motion is currently supported by The Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation's London Luton Airport Ltd. Fund and The Wixamtree Trust. These funders have supported us immensely since 2014 to this present day.

Location: Luton Wellbeing Centre, 46-56 Dumfries Street, LU1 5BP

When: Every Thursday, 10.00 - 11.30am

Fee: We’d like to suggest a voluntary contribution of £3.00 per session, per participant. 


One-to-one In-home Service, Luton

Music24 is pleased to bring to you an in-home, one-to-one service for people diagnosed with dementia. Activities include: making music with instruments, singing songs and movement. These sessions provide an opportunity for people to take part in a fun and interactive way, may provoke memories and be used to help people express themselves and feel heard. Sessions are catered to each individual’s needs and can engage with those most hard to reach. 

Benefits include:

·    Improving participant’s engagement

·    Reducing social isolation and withdrawal

·    Building and maintaining relationships

·    Creating new memories with carers/families

·    Improved wellbeing and Quality of Life

If you would like to access this service, we ask that people contact us to discuss your loved one’s needs further.

Location: Various locations across Luton

Fee: Sessions are charged at a heavily-subsidised rate of £5 per session. 

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Musical Memory Lane, luton

Music24 would like to present our new group, Musical Memory Lane. It is run by a team of wonderful volunteers and boasts a fun-filled session of singing, dancing, conversation and the chance to meet new people and make friends. Refreshments are served before we start and during the break.

Musical Memory Lane, formerly a ‘Singing for the Brain’ group run by The Alzheimer’s Society, is very friendly and welcoming, with an emphasis on having fun and singing the songs that have been chosen by the group, enabling choice amongst the members to suit their various tastes in music. If you would like to join us or want to find out more, please contact us or call Lin Davies on 07715 634720.

Location: St. Andrews Church in Blenheim Crescent, Luton

When: Every Tuesday, 10.30am – 12.30pm

Fee: We’d like to suggest a contribution of £3.00 per session to help us cover the cost of room hire.

Watford Group, May 2017

Watford Group, May 2017

Hoddesdon Group, September 2017

Hoddesdon Group, September 2017

Musical Herts, Watford | Stevenage | Hoddesdon | Welwyn GC

The Musical Herts project is a new adventure for Music24, allowing us to branch out in to new realms and reach more people with our wonderful service for people living with dementia and their carers. 

Having received start-up funding from Hertfordshire County Council's Innovation Fund 2016, we have embarked upon creating three new support groups. The initial pilot has been a wonderful success and we are looking to continue this great work. 

Our Musical Herts groups currently run twice a month and are supported by Herts Community Foundation, Hertfordshire County Council, BLCF's London Luton Airport Ltd's Near Neighbours Fund and the Aviva Community Fund.

Locations: Watford - Pump House Theatre, Stevenage - Hampson Park Community Centre, Hoddesdon - Mayhem Functional Hall, Welwyn GC - The Salvation Army, Cole Green Lane.

Please find out more here about the groups and the times they meet. 

Fee: We’d like to suggest a voluntary contribution of £5.00 per session, carers go free of charge.

Older People, Inclduing Dementia

Christmas Tea Party 2016

Christmas Tea Party 2016

Young@Heart Café, Luton

The Young@Heart Café, launched in September 2016, is presented in partnership with St John’s and The Holy Family Parish and Home Instead. 

Come along for some tea and a slice of cake and enjoy the company of like-minded friends in the new group in St Johns Parish Centre, Sundon Park.

The group aims to reduce social isolation within the community, in particular for those that are living with dementia and their carers. Activities will include sing-a-long sessions, playing instruments, dancing, various arts and crafts, reflection and reminiscence. For more info, click here.

The group has funds from LBC's 'Your Say, Your Way' for the two previous years. 

Location: St John's Parish Centre, Sundon Park

When: Wednesdays, 2.00 - 4.00pm, term-time only

Fee: Free to attend, donations welcomed.

Performance at Luton Dementia Conference 2016

Performance at Luton Dementia Conference 2016

Friends With Voices Choir, Luton

This choir is made up of three main music groups in Luton for people primarily diagnosed with Dementia and their carers. Music24, Young@Heart and Stopsley Singing Café have now had two public performances, including a fantastic performance at London Luton Airport in May for Dementia Awareness Week 2017 (DAW2017). 

The Choir has received a lot of local interest and coverage in the local papers and on BBC 3 Counties Radio. 

The alliance is pleased to join forces and work together to unite against dementia and prove that it is possible to live well after a diagnosis of dementia. These groups all work extremely hard to provide weekly activities that engage with people who are hard to reach and the groups proved a supportive community for their participants, including much-needed support for the carers. 

Location: Various

Mental Health


Mind Our Music, Luton

This is a group that was the product of Music24's programme, MusicFor The Mind (MFTM). This group is user-led and is provided to offer a much-needed creative outlet and a supportive network to adults living with a mental health condition. The group meets weekly on a Monday evening and is supported by Music24's staff, Ashley and Adam, as well as offering volunteer opportunities to participants who now feel ready to take on more responsibilities in the group to help service users find a stepping stone back into work. This project has been seed-funded using the money received from The Allen Lane Foundation. The team have secured funding since for £1224 from Luton BC's 'Your Say, Your Way' scheme. If you would like to support in any way, then please contact us here

Location: Luton Wellbeing Centre, 46-56 Dumfries Street, LU1 5BP

When: Wednesday evenings, 6.00 - 8.00pm

Fee: We’d like to suggest a voluntary contribution of £3.00 per session, per participant. 

Notepad Logo.jpg

notepad, Bedford

This group has also grown from the use of a MFTM programme. This group is user-led and is provided to offer a much-needed creative outlet and supportive network to adults living with a mental health condition. The group meets weekly on a Tuesday evening and is supported by Music24's staff, Teela and Graeme, as well as offering volunteer opportunities to participants who now feel ready to take on more responsibilities in the group to help service users find a stepping stone back into work. This project has been seed-funded using the money received from The Harpur Trust and is now seeking additional funders. If you would like to support, then please contact us here

Location: Tavistock Community Centre, Princes Street, MK40 2HA

When: Tuesday evenings, 6.00 - 8.00pm

Fee: We’d like to suggest a voluntary contribution of £3.00 per session, per participant. 

learning disabilty

First Note logo revised.jpg

First Note, Luton

First Note is an on-going success that was born way before Music24 was! In fact it’s the whole reason why Music24 exists today. Graeme approached Teela and Tom Laurence (LBC – New Horizons) to develop a new all-ability creative music group back in December 2010. Teela was already carrying out community music sessions at the Chaul End Centre in Luton and the initial members there created First Note. This was a real team effort and then in January 2011, First Note was born.

It continues to go from strength to strength and remain its independence. The members themselves govern the day-to-day running of the group and they have formed their own committee where they make the ‘big’ decisions that drive the group forward.

Music24 helps out by supplying community musicians and volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the sessions.

Activities include: Song-writing, rhythm workshops, singing familiar songs, performance, dancing, jamming and both vocal warm-ups and getting to know you exercises that focus on: vocal ability / breathing / control / articulation / diction.

Location: Hockwell Ring Community Centre, Mayne Avenue, LU4 9LB

When: Every Thursday afternoon, 2.00 - 4.00pm

Fee: £3.00 per session (Membership Available)


Biggles Rock, Biggleswade

Biggles Rock was set up in May 2019 and seed-funded by Tesco Bags of Help Community Fund, as voted by shoppers in the local area. Music24 launched this new community music project for adults living with a learning disability in the Ivel Valley area. Come along to meet the team and explore music in a safe and welcoming environment. Activities include: Musical warm-up games, singing songs, playing instruments, dancing and lots of fun! First session is FREE to attend.

Location: St Andrews Rooms (Masonic Centre), St Andrew’s Street, Biggleswade, SG18 8BA

When: Every Wednesday, 1.30 - 3.00pm (excluding the 2nd Wednesday of every month)

Fee: £10 per session



Neurotones, Leighton Buzzard

We have recently started a new choir specifically for people with communication difficulties. We will use singing to encourage more effective social interaction, improve communication or explore alternative ways to communicate through music, and build the confidence of the people attending, including offering support to carers. 

This choir is delivered in partnership with Cambridgeshire Community Service NHS Trust, The Stroke Association and Parkinson's UK. Access is strictly by referral only. 

For further information, please contact Catherine Maclean on 01582 707651 or email

This Choir is currently supported by The Whitbread Plc. Chairman's Fund via Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation, for the second year running!

Location: Community Room at Page's Park Station, Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4TG

When: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month, 1.30 - 3.00pm

Fee: We’d like to suggest a voluntary contribution of £3.00 per session, carers go free of charge. 

Future Projects


New Opportunities?

Music24 offer a diverse range of activities as well as group or one-to-one music therapy.

Contact us to enquire about us providing a service to your organisation, making a new partnership to fill a gap in the services currently provided, or to enquire about private sessions. 

We have experience of working with the following clients groups: 

·      Learning disabilities – Mild / Moderate / Severe

·      Physical Disabilities – Restricted movement such as Muscular Dystrophy

·      Neuro-disability

·      Autism Spectrum Disorders

·      Deafblind

·      Mental Health Conditions– Acute / Recovery in the Community

·      Dementia – All forms, including Parkinson’s disease

·      Acquired Brain Injury / Stroke Recovery

·      End of Life

·      Other Life-limiting Conditions 

Past Projects

MFTM Logo.png

Music for the Mind, Luton  and Bedford

Music for the Mind (MFTM) is a new programme devised in partnership with East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) and Meaningful Education CIC (ME). This pilot is aimed at engaging those who are most hard-to-reach and experiencing enduring mental health conditions. Referrals, made by ELFT, will come directly from the Acute Inpatient Units and from the Early Interventions Teams in Luton and Bedford.

Each project will establish a group using a co-production structure. The participants will drive and steer the direction of the group with the support of Music24 and ME. This will be in the form of group music therapy and one-to-one life-coaching (provided by ME) that will compliment an overall group goal that will be decided upon by the attendees. They can choose to work towards a main project that is seed-funded by Music24; this could include putting on a showcase, writing an album, doing a music video or some other project suggested by the participants.

The groups will be offered full support in project managing their chosen event/project and encouraged to take part in their own fundraising activities. The skills that we hope people will engage with are: money management, budgeting and negotiation, organisational skills and time-management, working together/team-building, creating an online presence through social media, working out solutions and improving confidence and motivation, to name a few. It is hoped that the groups will be established and survive beyond the initial 6 months of support and the participants develop new skills that can contribute to the future success to maintain a high level on community engagement for it to thrive and grow. 

MFTM Luton was funded by The Allen Lane Foundation and MFTM Bedford was funded by The Harpur Trust.

Our Funders

We would like to thank all our wonderful funders for all their faith and support so far, throughout the young life of Music24 and beyond. We wish to continue to work together to bring a brighter future for the people living in our community.

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HCF Logo

Funding Schemes in stores near you:

We are pleased to say that we have been successful in a number of local supermarkets, as detailed below, to recite funding through their various in-store funding schemes. Please place your vote in store when doing your regular shop!

Date // Store // Location // Result (if known)

May 2017 - Waitrose in Leighton Buzzard. RESULTS: Music24 came joint-first and received £320 towards our Neuro-disability Choir in LB!

April 2017 - Asda in Watford. RESULTS: We received an amazing £200 from the community at Watford Asda for our Musical Herts project at the Pump House Theatre!

June 2017 - Asda in Dunstable. RESULTS: Mind Our Music, a group for adults with mental health conditions in Luton, received £200 towards the running costs of the project!

July 2017 - Tesco Stores across Luton. RESULTS: Music24 received an amazing £1,000 from the votes in Tesco stores around Luton, including Tesco Extra in Dunstable and Tesco Metro in Luton! Thank you to all who voted! This will support our Columbus Project, a music-making group for people living with dementia in Luton. 

October 2017 - Waitrose in Bedford. RESULTS: Music24 came 1st and won £386 for their mental health group in Bedford, called The Notepad! Wahoooo! We love you, Bedford! 

November 2017 - Asda in Luton. RESULTS: Music24 received £200 towards their Dementia service in Luton! Thank you for all the support!

So during 2017, we received £2,306 from our local shopping outlets! That's super-amazing! Thanks for all your votes and support! 

asda foundation.JPG