Music24’s Podcast

Overview: Hosted by Roman Tula-Coyle, this first episode starts the conversation about where Music24 has been, how it started and where the charity is now. The co-founders, Graeme and Teela, and community musician, Adam, aim to communicate the importance of their approach and ethos behind what they are creating.


Overview: Hosted by the amazing Roman Tula-Coyle. In episode two, the team cover a more in-depth view of the use of music therapy, particularly when going into care homes and working with people with dementia. Graeme, Teela and Adam talk of their experiences and their approach to working in a different environment (compared to their usual ‘community music therapy’ setting) where a lot of the time people are experiencing late-stage dementia, are bed-bound and possibly receiving end-of-life care.

Overview: Hosted by the wonderful Roman Tula-Coyle. In this episode, we go into more detail about the logistics/mechanics of running group music therapy sessions and the team discuss important aspects to be aware of when approaching this type of work. As in most of our content so far, we sidetrack into other realms. Hopefully we don’t lose the listener at these points!

Overview: Hosted by the lovely Roman Tula-Coyle. Roman discusses with Teela, co-founder of Music24, the different aspects of funding, starting up, different types of organisational governance and the need for evidence for projects. Teela also gives advice based on her own experience and some key sources of information if you’re looking to start up your own community venture.


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